Which Crypto External Wallet Should You Use?

crypto external wallet

If you want to hold your cryptocurrencies in an external wallet, then you will have to create one. There are a number of good choices. Here are a few to consider: Ledger Nano X, Exodus, ZenGo, and Coinbase. Each of these wallets has its own benefits and disadvantages. To get a better idea of which one will suit you best, read our review of each. And don’t forget to check out the latest news on each of them!

Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is a cold storage crypto external wallet that works with over 1,800 cryptocurrencies. You can connect it to your computer through USB or Bluetooth and view all your holdings on the go. This cold storage hardware wallet connects with Ledger Live software, which is free to use and supports iOS and Android mobile devices. It supports a variety of different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Cardano.

The Ledger Nano X hardware wallet comes with a USB C cable, a keychain strap, and 3 passcode recovery sheets. The hardware wallet is secure and offers more than 15 payment methods, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. This means that you won’t have to worry about losing your coins. However, if you ever lose your wallet, you can simply download the Ledger Live software and get your money back in no time.


If you’re looking for a simple to use, user-friendly cryptocurrency external wallet, Exodus is the right choice. With an easy-to-understand layout and popular features, you can easily navigate and use this wallet. Despite its simplicity, Exodus offers adequate security to protect your cryptocurrency. This wallet should not be used for long-term storage, however. However, if you’re looking for a strong, secure wallet, you should look at the many alternatives available.

One of the primary features of an external wallet is the ability to receive and send crypto. Exodus allows users to add a variety of digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. By clicking on “receive” in the main Exodus window, users can receive crypto from any other wallet. Alternatively, users can scan a QR code to obtain their public address and send cryptocurrency. Once you’ve added a crypto asset to Exodus, you’ll need to enter a public address.


ZenGo is a multichain wallet with over 70 supported cryptocurrencies. The wallet is available on both iOS and Android and offers a range of features. Users can purchase and sell cryptos, earn interest, and trade them for a fee. The wallet is also convenient, as it supports Apple Pay and credit cards. It also offers support for several blockchain networks including Ethereum and Tezos. Read on for more information on this cryptocurrency wallet.

As a blockchain-based wallet, ZenGo protects your funds with an innovative key share mechanism. A single point of failure cannot happen when using ZenGo, and this allows you to benefit from convenient mobile access to your cryptocurrency holdings. As a bonus, the wallet can be closed down at any time, allowing you to retrieve your funds in the event that you’d lost them. This feature is a boon for those worried about their security and want to make sure their funds are safe.