Hill Harper and His Crypto Wallet

hill harper crypto wallet

If you are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, you should probably learn more about Hill Harper and his vision for his new digital wallet. He’s also been named Honorary National Co-Chair of The Redevelopment of Black Wall Street by the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit organization aimed at overcoming the digital divide and uplifting underserved communities. His newest venture, The Black Wall Street DigitalWallet, will help you convert your cryptocurrency to fiat currency.

The Black Wall Street app

Hill Harper is a best-selling author, actor, and former US Presidential appointee who is also an innovator in the world of financial literacy. His latest endeavor is a blockchain-based digital wallet called The Black Wall Street. This wallet allows users to access a cryptocurrency exchange and pay with their smartphone. The app will also serve as a financial education toolkit for Black and Latinx communities.

The Black Wall Street app is designed to provide a digital gateway for Black investors and educate them on cryptocurrency. Its creator, a Harvard Law School graduate, has been working with Black web developers since last year, just before the Covid craze broke out. This blockchain wallet takes advantage of mobile device trends in communities of color. In a recent study by Pew Research Center, only 12% of white Americans were using their smartphone for mobile banking, compared to 80% of Black people.

The Black Wall Street cryptocurrency exchange platform

The Black Wall Street is not a traditional financial institution; it is an innovative decentralized finance platform where people of color can easily transfer their wealth. The founder of the platform, Hill Harper, is a visionary who believes that cryptocurrency is the pathway to financial independence and generational wealth in Black and Brown communities. Najah Roberts, a black woman from Mississippi, is another important member of the team. The Black Wall Street team has an ambitious mission: to teach Black and Brown people about the benefits of digital currencies. They also want to prevent black and brown people from losing their hard-earned dollars to predatory entities.

The Black Wall Street cryptocurrency exchange platform is launching a financial literacy campaign in the summer. The campaign will begin in Los Angeles and end in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is historically significant for its “Black Wall Street” neighborhood. The company plans to donate the proceeds from the sale of the NFT to low-income parents. The company also hosts virtual seminars on topics including credit, taxes, real estate, and money management, in addition to educating investors on how to become successful with digital currencies.

Hill Harper’s vision for the digital wallet

The Black Wall Street Digital Wallet, an app created by former presidential appointee and Hollywood star Hill Harper, is intended to help the financially excluded by bridging the racial wealth gap. Hill Harper’s mission is to empower the underserved and educate them on how to utilize cryptocurrencies. The app has been created by Hill Harper, a Harvard grad and New York Times best-selling author, in partnership with Najah Roberts, an entrepreneur who believes in the potential of Bitcoin to serve as a cross-generational wealth builder.

As the digital wallet becomes more widely used, the Black Wall Street app aims to connect financial services to underserved populations. The Black Wall Street digital wallet app will enable black and brown communities to use their smartphones to send and receive money, pay for goods and services, and trade cryptocurrencies. The Black Wall Street app will launch on June 1, 2018.