Ellipal Crypto Wallet Review

ellipal crypto wallet

Aside from being very secure, the Ellipal Crypto Wallet is also very easy to use. Instead of printing out paper to send or receive coins, you can send and exchange the coins with just a click of a button. You can also view your transaction history and see how much each coin is worth. You can even use it to store and spend your cryptocurrency. Using this wallet is an excellent option for anyone new to cryptocurrency.

Firmware updates are an integral part of any hardware wallet

Firmware updates are an integral part of any good cryptocurrency wallet. New security features, including the ability to update your software, mean that your hardware wallet stays up to date and secure. Firmware updates also improve the overall user experience. While most hardware wallets don’t have a rich user interface, a Model T touchscreen lets you confirm transactions, enter your PIN code, and even reset your device. The downside to the touchscreen is that it can be difficult to use when in firmware update mode.

It is air-gapped

An air-gapped cryptocurrency wallet is secure and safe from theft. The ELLIPAL Titan does not connect to a network and is therefore invulnerable to hacking. Its rugged metal casing also makes it resistant to theft. The wallet supports offline charging and firmware updates, making it a safe option for those who want to experiment with cryptocurrency. It is also an excellent choice for those who want to earn an extra income in a secure environment.

It offers cold staking

ELLIPAL is a Hong Kong-based blockchain security company that creates next-generation cold wallets. The company has an extensive list of crypto storage solutions. Founded in 2017, Ellipal was financed by an IndieGoGo campaign. Founder David Tian also runs the Smarter Wireless affiliate network. The company has been undergoing massive efforts to become more transparent and accessible. The company has a working Twitter account and an active Telegram group.

It is secure

The Ellipal crypto wallet is secure. Its software and hardware have air-gapped security solutions. While the Ellipal does not provide access to Xpub keys, it generates secure BIP 44 and BIP 84 Bitcoin addresses. However, it does not support importation of “view only” wallets. That said, Ellipal is a good hardware wallet. It allows you to earn extra income in a safe environment.

It is expensive

The Ellipal cryptocurrency wallet costs $149, or $248 for a pair. The device is made from aluminum alloy and is dust and water-resistant. It has a 5-megapixel camera, but does not support 24 word seed phrases. A 1400 mAh battery powers the device, and it has a standby time of 259 hours. This wallet is also a little too large to carry comfortably, and it is expensive compared to most other cold storage hardware wallets.