Coinbase Wallet and ZenGo – The Gemini Dollar and a Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet

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The Gemini Dollar has been supported by Coinbase Wallet. The service recently announced plans to move billions of dollars in holdings to Coinbase. This is one of the largest transfers of crypto assets in a single day. In addition to Coinbase, the Gemini Dollar is also supported by ZenGo, a non-custodial crypto wallet. This article will cover both Coinbase Wallet and ZenGo. Listed below are some advantages and disadvantages of each.

Grayscale Investments plans to move billions of dollars in holdings to U.S. based crypto wallet

Investors in the Bitcoin Trust and other cryptocurrency-backed products have flocked to Grayscale. Their investment volume rose by nearly 4,000% during the first quarter of 2020 and more than $1 billion in the trailing 12 months. As of March 31, their assets under management totaled $2.2 billion. Hedge funds accounted for the majority of this investment, with 88 percent coming from institutional investors. Accredited investors, retirement accounts and family offices made up just three percent of their overall investment.

Coinbase Wallet adds support for Gemini Dollar

A regulated stablecoin, the Gemini dollar is an excellent option for institutional investors who want to store their assets in a safe and secure environment. Initially launched in September 2018, the Gemini dollar is backed by real USD fiat deposits held by the State Street Bank and Trust Company in New York. Each month, an independent accounting firm compares the circulation of the Gemini stablecoin against its real holdings.

ZenGo is a non-custodial crypto wallet

Despite being one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets, there are many things you should know about ZenGo. The company claims that it is the first non-custodial software wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. It is easy to use, works with multiple crypto exchanges, and is available on iOS and Android. You can trade and earn interest on your cryptos for a fee, and it also supports Apple Pay and credit card transactions.

Coinbase Wallet is a custodian service

Many people prefer not to use a custodian service for their crypto funds. The main drawback of custodial services is that you don’t have complete control over your coins. You can’t keep your keys or transfer your assets directly. In addition, you must complete Know Your Customer ID verification in order to use a custodian service. That takes away a core principle of cryptocurrency – the ability to maintain anonymity.

Coinbase Wallet is a cryptocurrency exchange

Coinbase Wallet is a user-friendly wallet that offers both buying and selling capabilities of cryptocurrencies. It supports assets hosted on the BNB Chain, the Ethereum blockchain, and the Polygon network. Many of these assets have low liquidity and are hidden. Users can also trade BNB on the Coinbase Wallet. Users must verify their identities before they can buy and sell cryptocurrency. To ensure that your information is secure, you must first fill out a form that asks for personal information.